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Review: On a Summer Tide

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Review: On a Summer Tide

13 Jul Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: On a Summer Tide
Review: On a Summer Tide

On a Summer Tide by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: August 2019


For those who know Suzanne Woods Fisher as a writer of Amish fiction, On a Summer Tide will come as a surprise. It is contemporary and explores the relationship between three sisters and their father who was pretty much absent during their growing-up years. And, it is amazing!

Camden Grayson is sure her father has lost his mind. After spending years as a professional baseball announcer, a bout of laryngitis has sent him completely off the deep end, or is he in the early stages of senility? Cam’s high-flying career keeps her on the road so she really doesn’t understand her father’s recent purchase of a camp in Maine. Although, since she has been asked to find a different school for her seven-year-old son, maybe staying on the island with his grandfather and two of his aunts would be a good option while she travels to London. Yes, her son has some issues, but don’t all kids?

Middle sister, Madison Grayson, has always been the family worrier. She can diagnose everyone but herself, and is enticed to her father’s island with a promise of her own counseling office. Never mind that she has a fiance, a ring she can’t bring herself to wear, and a future mother-in-law planning her wedding for her (including choosing her dress.)

Baby sister, Blaine, has always felt like the invisible sister. No one ever takes her seriously in her family, and they treat her more like the family pet than a sister. She has no intention of going to Three Sisters Island, until she is asked to leave her college because she can’t make up her mind about a major, or what she wants to do with her life. She’s willing to help her father get the camp ready, until she discovers that Peg at The Lunch Counter needs her cooking expertise. As she bakes and makes coffee, she discovers something she has always loved, but can she make a career out of it?

This book was mostly about the family dynamics between the three sisters, with their father and Cam’s son thrown into the mix. Growing up, their mother was the glue that held things together. When she died in a fire, along with Cam’s best friend, Libby, things fell apart. On a Summer Tide is all about Paul Grayson trying to find a way to put things back together.

If you enjoy women’s fiction, I’d say this book fits that category. There is a bit of romance here for Camden and island schoolteacher, Seth, but it is mostly a side-note in the story. I loved this book and look forward to future stories focused more on Madison and Blaine!


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