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Review: One Thing I Know

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Review: One Thing I Know

08 Feb Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: One Thing I Know
Review: One Thing I Know

One Thing I Know by Kara Isaac
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Howard Publishing
Publication Date: February 12, 2019

Ever since Kara Isaac’s first book, “Close to You”, I’ve waited in breathless anticipation for every subsequent novel to hit the shelves. Her humor, quirky characters, and amazing storylines never fail to keep me entertained from page one until the novel closes. I don’t think I’ve read another author’s works that so consistently had me in stitches, as Ms. Isaac, or in tears, as the various characters exposed their deep wounds amid the laugh lines. She has also consistently pointed her characters, and by extension, her readers, toward a saving faith.

One Thing I Know follows this pattern for the most part. The main difference I saw was that this story has elements that are far edgier than I was used to in a Kara Isaac story. The main characters, while they may have had contact with faith in their backgrounds, do not profess to be believers, nor do either of them really commit to that by the end. However, steps are taken, and often, the journey is as important as the final destination. Since this is book one of a three-part series, knowing Ms. Isaac’s work, I have few doubts that redemption is on its way.

Rachel Somers has been hiding in plain sight for almost a decade and only three other people know it. She’s America’s Number 1 relationship coach, but America thinks that title belongs to her aunt Donna. Rachel writes the books that hit best-seller status almost before they hit the shelves, but Donna is the face of the “Dr. Donna” franchise, relegating Rachel to the background. She dresses as frumpy as she can, almost melting into the upholstery when she attends publishing meetings with her aunt as “the assistant.” Rachel and Donna have both decided that the next book will be their last. Unfortunately, there can’t be a next book unless Rachel can write it, and she has a massive case of writer’s block. When their publisher comes up with the brilliant idea of taking the last book on tour with a co-host – radio personality Lucas Grant – will they be able to keep up the charade when feelings get in the way?

All Lucas Grant ever wanted was his own show where he could talk about sports. Unfortunately, the women of Madison, WI, have hijacked his show by calling in to ask about relationship questions instead of sports. What’s a guy to do? As a gentleman, he can’t shut them down, but he REALLY doesn’t feel comfortable in the feelings arena. Over the years, he has occasionally had Dr. Donna on his show as a guest. They seem to work well together – she gives the professional opinion, and he gives a man’s point of view. When he is approached about going with her on her latest book-signing tour, he initially says, No Way, but when his boss dangles his own show plus possible syndication before him, he can’t say no any longer.

As Lucas and Donna work together on the personal appearances, he becomes more and more fascinated with Donna’s assistant, Rachel. Behind that frumpy appearance is an intelligence and wit that piques his interest. As Lucas and Rachel get to know one another, they find out that their stories are fairly similar. Will their relationship stand, though, when the truth crashes down around them?

This book has all of the feels! I swung from wild snickers, to fuming at one of the characters (I won’t say which one, but OOOOhh, he made me mad!) to crying when Rachel’s full story came to light. The characters are complex and have some pretty deep emotional scars. I felt their pain almost as deeply as they must have. Themes of forgiveness, trust, honesty, and loss are woven throughout this story, and each plays a role in each character’s life.

Romance readers will enjoy the romance that develops between Lucas and Rachel. Readers who are expecting an overtly Christian novel because Kara Isaac wrote it, may need to dial back their expectations a tad. While overall, I did consider this to be Christian fiction, there are some situations, and some verbal innuendos that step a bit outside those normal bounds. That said, keep reading. You’ll find redemption just around the corner, maybe even on the next page. In One Thing I Know, Kara Isaac demonstrates a depth of understanding that is not common in writers today, and she does it with her trademark humor. I loved this book, and I think others will, too. I highly recommend!

Rated PG-13: While I consider this to be a definitely Christian fiction novel, there are characters who are decidedly NOT Christian, and the mouths run away with themselves periodically, just like they would in real life. Most of this would be a PG, but toward the end, there is one dialogue that just needs parental discretion.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the publisher. Thank you!


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