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Review: River’s Call

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Review: River’s Call

12 Dec Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: River’s Call
Review: River’s Call

River's Call by Melody CarlsonRiver’s Call by Melody Carlson
Reviewed by: Jennifer Roman
Genre: chick lit, Christian
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication Date: February 2012

Anna is the mother of college-age Lauren in the Pacific Northwest at the end of the 1950s. When Lauren calls home and tells her mother how sick she is, Anna convinces Lauren to come home to recuperate. When Lauren doesn’t get better, the doctor gives her a surprise diagnosis: she’s pregnant. While the situation is not perfect, Anna is thrilled at the prospect of a granddaughter; selfish, spoiled Lauren is not. After a great deal of thinking, Lauren decides to keep the baby, partly because the father has been encouraged by Lauren’s grandmother to marry her. Eunice, the grandmother, has sweetened the pot for the father by telling him she will provide him with a job and a home if he marries Lauren. This sounds like the ideal situation, but Anna herself lived with her former mother-in-law when she was newly married, and she knows how controlling Eunice can be. As the years pass, Anna becomes more and more concerned about Lauren and Sarah, her daughter, because Lauren still can’t seem to grow up. She is materialistic, lazy, and irresponsible. By providing Lauren with patience and love, Anna hopes that she can show Lauren a better life for her and her daughter. Anna uses her faith to show Lauren that anyone can change and be forgiven. Along with her friends and family, Anna tries to get Lauren to help herself.

Throughout the book, the theme of forgiveness is presented time and time again in different scenarios. Truly following Jesus’ teachings of forgiveness, Anna forgives Eunice for being so mean to her. She forgives Lauren time and time again for her lack of good judgment. She is even able to forgive herself for the difficulties she’s had with her mother. If nothing else, readers will understand the true nature of forgiveness in a real, personable manner, not a preachy one.

This book contains mature subject matter, including premarital sex, drug abuse, extramarital affairs, and the discussion of abortion. In addition, the main character holds some beliefs that may not hold true to traditional Christian mores.

Rated PG-13: There is drug use/abuse.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!

Jen Roman

Jen RomanJen is a lifelong book lover. When she is not working or sleeping, she can usually be found reading something. Nothing makes her happy like snuggling up on the couch with a good book, a blanket, and her Labrador Retriever, Daisy. She loves mysteries and suspense, but will happily read just about any genre. She refers to her love of books as a “sickness,” and has stacks and stacks of books waiting in the wings to be read. Jen is a strong supporter of her local library and highly encourages others to support their libraries.

When not reading, Jen can be found crafting, playing with Daisy, volunteering, or spending time with her friends. Jennifer is married and lives with her husband Steve, her cat Roberta, and Daisy in North Canton, OH.



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