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Review: Simple Secrets

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Review: Simple Secrets

30 Jul Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Review: Simple Secrets

Simple Secrets by Nancy Mehl
Reviewed by Darlene “Dee” Bishop, Radiant Lit
Genre: Christian Fiction, Suspense, Mystery
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Publication Dates: June 1, 2010

Enter the world of Harmony, Kansas… a small Mennonite community near Wichita, filled with people of many faiths—and some with none—who have allowed the town’s name to make it the peaceful place it is. But it wasn’t always so. In fact, Harmony seems filled with secrets lurking in the shadows. Simple Secrets. Secrets that cloud, not only the past, but the present as well. That is, until graphic designer, Gracie Temple, arrives in town determined to clear the shroud of mystery surrounding the community and its people that has deeply affected her family for years.

Gracie recently inherited a house and property in Harmony from an Old Order Mennonite uncle she never met. She’s unsure whether he left her the property because he loved his estranged brother and family, or because he hoped she would continue to keep his own secret. A secret that others in town are aware of, though it’s never been mentioned out loud. And that’s the way at least one person wants it to remain.

As Gracie and her new friend and neighbor, Sam Goodrich, seek to uncover several of Harmony’s secrets, including the one her Uncle Benjamin hid so well, someone else is doing his or her best to ensure that secret stays hidden. Trusting in their faith to see them through the trials they face, will Sam and Gracie be able to discover what it is that Harmony is hiding beneath her peaceful facade?

Simple Secrets by Nancy Mehl is a delightful read filled with the wonder and pleasure of a loving, all-too-human, small town group of people who care about their community and each other. Amid the many closely guarded secrets and questions about the past and its effect on the present, Sam and Gracie enjoy a growing romance, in addition to the joy of fellowship with several others in Harmony. Added to the increasing sense of God’s purpose in all of life’s trials and situations, Gracie begins to understand that sometimes the path we choose for ourselves isn’t as clear-cut as we might hope.

The book is listed as “The Harmony Series.” I’m looking forward to reading more about Sam and Nancy and their variety of charming friends and neighbors in the sequel.

Rated PG – Suspense may be disturbing for some.


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