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Review: Something Needs to Change

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Review: Something Needs to Change

24 Mar Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Something Needs to Change
Review: Something Needs to Change

Something Needs to Change by David Platt
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Nonfiction
Publisher: Multnomah
Publication Date: Sept 2019

David Platt is a well-known author and pastor, so when a trek through the Himalayas can completely make him question his career choice, something is up. The back cover blurb says: Life’s hardest questions don’t just demand answers. They REQUIRE action!

Something Needs to Change is written as a day-by-day journal of Platt’s Himalayan trek. The incredible spiritual darkness he encounters while on the trek blows him away and makes him question if the God he serves really is good. Each chapter begins with Platt reading scripture and connecting it to things he’s seen on the trek – from extreme physical suffering to little girls trafficked for sex to complete antipathy toward spreading the Gospel. Along his journey, Platt encounters such urgent, physical needs that seeing the urgent spiritual needs often gets overlooked.

A few favorite quotes as I read that seemed to hit at the heart of the book include:
“It’s easier to stomach poverty as long as you just look at numbers on a page. The poor are easier to ignore if they’re a statistic. Everything changes when you know one of them.”
“This is hard work, and it doesn’t succeed overnight. What’s needed are people who are willing to work hard for ten or twenty years until a breakthrough happens. A lot of Christians, and most churches in America who send them, aren’t willing to stick it out that long.”
“People and places in the world not reached with the Gospel are unreached for a reason. They’re difficult to reach. They’re dangerous to reach. I’m pretty sure all the easy ones are taken.”

Platt leaves readers with the challenge to work hard to help well amid earthly suffering, work hardest to keep people from eternal suffering, be the church God calls his people to be, and to run the race God calls you to run. Platt came away from his trip with a sense of urgency, and a sense of the overwhelming unmet need in the world. He also saw the ways people were using their gifts and abilities to help alleviate the needs that are put before them. “What if each of us really considered all the ways we might play a unique part in the spread of the Gospel where it has not yet gone?”

This book made my heart hurt for all of the people Platt encountered on his journey. I was especially broken when he got to the village that had no little girls in it from the ages of 5 to 16 because they had been taken by sex traffickers. This is such an evil in the world, and that it persists anywhere must hurt God’s heart as well. Anyone reading this book will conclude, as Pratt has, that Something Needs to Change. While we can’t all travel to the places of greatest, most urgent need, we can find ways to support those who do!

I absolutely recommend this book! I am usually a Christian fiction fan, but this book kept me engaged from beginning to end. I wonder what kind of an impact all of us who read it can make on a world where darkness is the norm?


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