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Review: Strands of Truth

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Review: Strands of Truth

20 Jul Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Strands of Truth
Review: Strands of Truth

Strands of Truth by Colleen Coble
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: Sept 2019

Harper Taylor knows how to be alone. She’s had no family since her grandmother overdosed when she was very young, and bounced around in foster care until, at 15, she showed up in Oliver Jackson’s garage. Looking only for a place of safety, she found a champion in Oliver. He found her a safe home, supported her dreams, and gave her a strong shoulder to lean on. He was the father she never knew she needed. When Oliver disappears during a dive with Harper, and she is attacked, Oliver’s son, Ridge, is frantic to find his father. He has always been suspicious of Harper but when he sees her deep worry, he realizes he may have made some snap judgments about her.

Harper is pursuing her dreams. Her marine biology degree has led her to pursue research in pen shells, and her dream of family has led her to adopt an embryo and have it implanted. When her best friend gives her a DNA kit as a gift, Harper takes the test, hoping to add someone, anyone, to her family. She is stunned when her test reveals a half-sister, and even more stunned to find that her sister also lost her mother as an infant. When her sister is taken and gets away from a kidnapping attempt, Harper and Ridge begin to think the attacks could be related. Who could be trying to take Harper and her sister, and what could they possibly want?

As Harper and Ridge delve into both her own past, and that of her sister, they see that they have many things in common. Their friendship grows as danger mounts. Can they keep Harper out of a killer’s hands when they can’t figure out who those hands belong to?

Colleen Coble has a way of drawing readers in and sharing just enough about her characters to make those readers care, then putting them in such extreme danger that the pages to the end can’t be turned fast enough! That’s how this book went for me. I liked Harper from the start, and the flashbacks Coble gives to Harper’s sister, Annabelle’s mother, bring clarity without giving the end away.

Readers who love romantic suspense, as I do, will love Strands of Truth. While there is romance here, it is definitely outpaced by the suspense. (I learned a lot about pen shells, too, which I’d never heard of until this book.) Colleen Coble is ALWAYS a must read, and Strands of Truth will show readers why.


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