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Review: Sweet on You

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Review: Sweet on You

24 Jun Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Sweet on You
Review: Sweet on You

Sweet on You by Becky Wade
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: April 30, 2019

Zander Ford met Britt Bradford when he was 14. Taken out of foster care by his aunt and uncle, and given the first stable home he’d ever known, Zander had already learned that keeping to himself saved him a lot of pain. Then Britt blitzed into his life and made him feel included, cared for, and loved – like a sister. Zander loves Britt, too, but unfortunately for his battered heart, the love he feels for her is as far from brotherly as it can possibly be. He even left town because he could no longer stand by and watch Britt fall in love with someone who wasn’t him.

When Zander’s uncle Frank dies under some mysterious circumstances, Zander returns to Merryweather for the funeral, and to look into things for his aunt. Britt is thrilled that her best friend is back, but very confused to find that the friendship she has placed such great store in has changed. And, what’s with the tingles? She’s never felt tingles around Zander before! He’s her best friend, not her boyfriend, for crying out loud. She values their friendship too much to take him out of the friend zone, but if she doesn’t, will she lose him altogether?

For his part, Zander can’t continue to see Britt as just his friend. He’s loved her – LOVED HER – for 13 years, and has watched her flit from boyfriend to boyfriend, never once considering him for the role. How can he possibly stand by and not speak up? As they work together to solve the mystery of Frank’s death, will Britt finally see that the man she’s been searching for has been her constant companion and friend more than half her life?

I have loved Zander’s character from the first book in this series and have long thought that Britt was clueless to the point of being heartless. Sweet on You plumbs their depths a bit more than the other books did, and gives better reasons for her actions. Until this book, I didn’t like her much, but after this book, I understood her better, and even grieved with her.

If you haven’t read the other Bradford Sisters books, I would recommend starting with True to You, then Falling for You before you read Sweet on You. While Sweet on You can be read as a stand-alone novel, it is so much better when you know the family dynamics beforehand, and when you’ve already seen Zander and Britt interact. This is a contemporary Christian romance, with a touch of mystery and some suspense. As always, Becky Wade ROCKED this one! I loved it, and really wish there were more sisters for her to write about!! Highly recommend.

Rated G: No worries here.

Reviewer’s copy was personally purchased. Thank you!


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