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Review: Sweetbriar Cottage

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Review: Sweetbriar Cottage

13 Nov Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Sweetbriar Cottage
Review: Sweetbriar Cottage

Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: June 13, 2017

When Noah Mitchell learns from the IRS that his divorce two years ago from Josephine was never finalized, he storms into her barbershop demanding to know what happened. After she tore his heart out of his chest and stomped on it, he wanted nothing to do with her and left the filing of the papers in her hands. He went so far as to quit his job in the family construction business, moving to a remote horse ranch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia to get away from reminders of how she had made a fool of him. Having to deal with her in any way is almost more than he can take.

Josephine isn’t happy to have Noah invading her shop. She’s finally made a life for herself that she’s proud of and the only men who are part of that life are those who sit in her barber chair – none of whom she ever dates. Yes, their failed marriage was her fault, and, yes, she’s the one who failed to file the paperwork but her heart was just as broken in the mess of their breakup as Noah’s whether he believes that or not.

When Josephine decides to save Noah a trip back down the mountain and delivers the final divorce paperwork, she is unprepared for the worst spring snowstorm they’ve had in years. Being stranded with Noah in his tiny one-bedroom cottage is beyond awful. His resentment rolls off him in waves, and yet, he’s still the best man she’s ever known.

As they are forced out into the storm, they have to work together to survive the elements. When Josephine finally lays her secrets out in front of Noah, will he turn away like everyone else in her life has done or will he offer the unconditional love she’s never had?

This story will break your heart for the young Josephine. It was definitely a departure from Denise Hunter’s usual fare. If you’re looking for a light, happy romance with a little conflict, this isn’t your book. But, if you want a book that grabs your heart, gives you a look into the heart of an abused child and shows you how God’s love can redeem a life from the pit, you definitely want to read this. Sweetbriar Cottage took me back to high school years and made me take a second look at some of the girls “we” looked down on because of their morals. It’s a story of forgiveness and the power of loving without boundaries. I loved the book but it was very tough to read.

Rated PG-13: Josephine was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Reading how that affected her is difficult and not something I would recommend for very young readers. While there is nothing graphic, I still would say this isn’t for anyone under the age of 13.

Reviewer’s copy was purchased personally.


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