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Review: The Dream Dress

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Review: The Dream Dress

16 Apr Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Review: The Dream Dress

The Dream Dress by Janice Thompsonthedreamdress
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Revell, a division of Baker Publishing
Publication Date: 2014

Gabi Delgado dreams of a different life. Working at Haute Couture as an alterations specialist on wedding dresses that other people have designed, Gabi dreams of one day designing dresses full time instead. Her sketch book is an extension of her person and is always within reach for when inspiration strikes. She works all day making dresses fit perfectly and she works all night creating dress designs in her sketchbook. She’s so good, her friends have hired her to make their dresses.

Unfortunately, her boss, Demetri, does not see the jewel he has in his employ. In his eyes she is the lowliest employee he has and he never fails to remind her of that. His Bridezillas are always right so when a size 22 bride comes in and insists she can wear a size 16, it’s Gabi’s fault if that doesn’t happen. She was tasked with the alterations, after all. Demetri’s latest bride, Nicolette, surprises everyone by having “a little work done” since her last fitting and just weeks before the wedding. Not only does she lose considerable weight, she also goes from a “barely B to a DD” which completely alters the silhouette of the dress. Up to the challenge, Gabi completes the work and the dress is to be featured in Texas Bride magazine. While the bride tries on the dress in Gabi’s closet/office, she spies the open sketchbook and pages through it. On the day the reporter, Jordan Singer, arrives to photograph the dress and interview the designer, Demetri,  Gabi is involved in a mishap that manages to get chocolate all over the dress. High-strung Demetri, blames Gabi and fires her even though it was the bride who dumped the tray on her dress. Of course, he re-hires her the next morning when he realizes he still needs a “material girl,” as he calls her. He fires her again when Nicolette informs him that she doesn’t want the dress he designed; she wants Gabi’s design instead! He believes his own preconceptions of Gabi and can’t believe the design was her own, not a knock-off of one of his.

Jordan, seeing a story (and a beautiful woman) in Gabi, pursues her. His strong faith in a loving Father God put him at odds with Gabi who has a hard time seeing God as a Father since her father left her at a young age. His persistence and belief in her ability, endear him to Gabi who begins to open her heart to him.

Janice Thompson has once again written a romance with a heavy dose of humor that would make a pretty hilarious comedy if it was made into a movie. I especially loved all of the little “punny” asides in the book. The characters are well-defined, and the friendships are strong throughout. This is the third book in her Weddings by Design series, but you don’t have to read the other two books to understand what’s going on in this one. (It does help you know the other characters in the book, though and the other two are just as fun.) In Picture Perfect you meet Hannah & Drew and in The Icing on the Cake you meet Scarlet & Armando, all of whom play major roles in Gabi’s life as well.

I would definitely recommend giving this book a read if you need a pick-me-up. The humor and some of the crazy situations will leave you chuckling and wondering when Thompson’s next book will be coming out.

Rated G: I think this book could be enjoyed by any age that likes a good romance.

Reviewer’s personal copy.


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