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Review: The Inn at Ocean’s Edge

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Review: The Inn at Ocean’s Edge

03 Aug Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: The Inn at Ocean’s Edge
Review: The Inn at Ocean’s Edge

The Inn at Ocean’s Edge by Colleen Cobletheinnattheocean
Reviewed by: Kris Lawfer
Genre: Suspense
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: April 14, 2015

Claire Dellamare travels to a luxury hotel in Maine to help her CEO father seal a merger deal. As soon as she walks into the hotel, though, she is overcome by a panic attack. Despite being certain she had never been to the hotel before, something seems familiar. Going down to the ocean for some fresh air, she meets Luke Rocco, a local boy turned Coast Guardsman. Although they tentatively bond over their shared love of orcas, the moment is spoiled when Luke asks Claire about the year she went missing from the very same hotel she had just fled . . . an event Claire cannot remember ever happening. Things go from bad to worse when, on her way back to the hotel to confront her parents, Claire witnesses a murder.

Thus begins the twisting saga of Claire’s search for her true identity. She is told by her parents that when she was four, she went missing from her own birthday party at the hotel, only to turn up one year later at the same hotel claiming to have no memory of the previous year. The mystery is compounded when the body of Luke’s mother is found buried in the Rocco family’s cranberry bog. Luke’s mother disappeared on the same day as Claire, and she and Luke conclude that if Claire can determine what happened to her, they may learn his mother’s fate as well.

At the same time, though, someone knows Claire witnessed him murder a hotel employee who had sent a letter to the local police questioning Claire’s identity—and he wants to keep her quiet. Engaged in a quest to uncover long-buried secrets and protect herself from the murderer, Claire almost doesn’t have time for Kate Mason, a sick young woman who looks suspiciously like Claire and claims to be her sister . . .

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Inn at Ocean’s Edge. The mystery was truly an adventure; no matter how many times I thought I figured it out, there was always something new coming up to challenge my expectations. It may seem like a small thing, but I especially appreciated that the characters frequently arrived at the same conclusions as the reader as to potential explanations. It made them feel real and human.

Colleen Coble did a great job of exploring the importance of identity and family, and how it feels to have all that you thought you knew about yourself ripped away. There’s a great theme throughout the book that the one thing that cannot be shaken is your identity as a child of God. Even if your relationships on Earth are fragile, God’s love is strong and cannot be broken.

All told, I am definitely looking forward to the sequel! If you like suspenseful mysteries with slow-burning romances and emotionally-driven character development, you will like The Inn at Ocean’s Edge.

Rated PG-13: There are several murders described in the text, but the descriptions are not graphic.

Reviewer copy provided by Publisher. Thank you!


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