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Review: The Painter’s Daughter

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Review: The Painter’s Daughter

04 May Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: The Painter’s Daughter
Review: The Painter’s Daughter

The Painter’s Daughter by Julie Klassenthepaintersdaughter
Reviewed by: Sydney Anderson
Genre: historical, regency, romance, Christian
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: December 1, 2015

The daughter of a painter, Sophie Dupont keeps her own work hidden away, while she assists her father with his own work. But Sophie attracts the attention of handsome artist Wesley Overtree. Before she knows it, she is in head over heels with him. Going so far as to become a model for him. But eventually things go too far and Sophie finds herself with child and Wesley heading off to Italy to paint.

Captain Stephen Overtree is on leave and his parents send him on a hunt to discover the location of his older brother Wesley. What he finds instead is a portrait painter’s daughter, Sophie, whom he recognizes from a miniature portrait he found among his brother’s discarded work and now carries with him. After questioning Sophie, Stephen learns that Wesley has gone off to Italy leaving Sophie with child and to fend for herself. An honorable man, Stephen offers to marry Sophie to avoid a scandal and she agrees.

But after their hasty marriage and a short visit with Sophie’s family, father, step-mother, and step-sisters, Stephen takes Sophie away to stay with his parents while he goes back to the battle front. Stephen feels that at least before he dies he has done a good thing in saving Sophie’s reputation and will have a family to help protect her.

Before Stephen goes off to war though, he and Sophie create a bond and friendship of sorts. But when Wesley suddenly returns, Sophie must decide her loyalties and which man she truly loves.

A deep, rich, and lovely story, Julie Klassen has written a novel with potential scandal and contradictions of love. From page one readers will be pulled into the marvelous and beautiful world that Julie creates in yet another regency England historical fiction novel. Weaving together a story that will leave readers breathless as they are sucked into Julie’s superb story-telling and delightfully realistic and magnificent characters. Gorgeous romantic tension, potential scandal, and many twists and turns leave readers wanting more from the author. Julie continues to tackle various difficult situations in her stories, bringing to light difficulties, as well as saving grace. This beautiful entangled romance is a Klassenaholic must read.

Rating PG-13: PG-13, adult intimate content, intense situations, nothing graphic, not for children

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher. Thank you!


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