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Review: The Saturday Night Supper Club (Supper Club #1)

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Review: The Saturday Night Supper Club (Supper Club #1)

23 Jan Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: The Saturday Night Supper Club (Supper Club #1)
Review: The Saturday Night Supper Club (Supper Club #1)

The Saturday Night Supper Club (Supper Club #1) by Carla Laureano
Reviewed by: Elizabeth Olmedo
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Date: February 6, 2018

Rachel Bishop lives a chef’s dream life. She has won the James Beard Award and co-owns and runs a fine-dining restaurant. But when the media twists her words and they go viral, her reputation crumbles, her business partners push her out of the very restaurant she created, and the industry shuns her. Determined to get back on her feet and prove everyone wrong, she’ll do anything, including work with the very man who unintentionally destroyed her career.

When Alex Kanin wrote an editorial denouncing online criticism, he never dreamed that it would backfire. While it flamed his dwindling career, it shattered a stranger’s. Afflicted with guilt-induced writer’s block, he sets out to right the wrong and hopefully recapture his inspiration.

Utilizing Alex’s influential contacts and Rachel’s cooking skills, the pair form the Saturday Night Supper Club — an exclusive pop-up dinner. It soon becomes evident that more than just their reputations and careers hang on the line. Neither one counted on what getting to know the person behind their preconceived notions would do to their hearts.

Carla Laureano serves a decadent tale of love, hope, and second chances. Simmered to perfection, The Saturday Night Supper Club enchants the taste buds while challenging the reader to explore all flavors of life. As we learn through Rachel, sometimes closed opportunities are God’s way of ushering us into something much better.

Flawed, hurting, and resilient characters who search for identity and meaning resemble people you might know in real life or even the reflection in your mirror. At times, I questioned whether the lessons Rachel encountered were meant for her, or me. Of course, Laureano doesn’t disappoint in the romance department either. I gladly stepped into Rachel’s shoes and let Alex gaze into my eyes and steal a kiss or two.

The author deftly brings the setting to life, placing the reader smack-dab in the middle of Denver and its beckoning streets and landscapes. By the end of the novel, Melody and Ana, Rachel’s best friends, will have become yours too.

Whether you are a loyal fan of Laureano’s or new to the author, but love romances, the first installment of the Supper Club series is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, be warned! Prepare to fight the urge to eat your way through the book.

Rated PG-13: Very clean, but it does deal with mature themes and some of the kisses get a bit steamy.

Reviewer’s copy was received from the Publisher. Thank you!


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