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Review: The Shattered Vigil

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Review: The Shattered Vigil

18 Oct Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: The Shattered Vigil
Review: The Shattered Vigil

The Shattered Vigil by Patrick W. Carrtheshatteredvigial
Reviewed by: Amber McCallister
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: November 1, 2016

The Shattered Vigil is a phenomenally stunning and incredibly epic continuation to this magnificent new series! There isn’t much that you won’t find within the pages of this book. It has all of the elements of a thoroughly engaging and yet honestly raw adventure that will wrap itself around your heart and open your eyes to both the seen and the unseen. What you think you see is only a beautiful mask for the truth and is much deadlier and sharper than a two edged sword. As in life there is no middle ground, so choose your side, but choose wisely. One wrong step, and you might never see the light of day again.

Willet Dura may be brash, out-spoken, and foolhardy to most who know him, but he is always true to himself and his beliefs. He refuses to walk away from people and situations that he can have a positive influence on. Of course, those are the times when he is most likely to be taken advantage of and to find himself on the short end of the stick. However, he doesn’t let that stop him from repeating his deep-seated desire to help others no matter the cost to himself. It’s his humanity that keeps him vulnerable and yet is his greatest strength. It is his very humanity that is tested even harder and put into a fire even hotter than he has previously experienced. He will have to rely on new and old friends alike to find the courage and the will to fight a battle that is so much bigger than any one person. Will Willet find his personal limits met and exceeded, or will those most loyal to him lend him their strength and courage to help him see all that he is capable of?

Delving back into this fascinating world has been such a blessing and a privilege! The wonderful characters both old and new will shake the very foundation of your quiet life and plunge you into a harsh yet beautiful world. Everything feels amazingly real. No corners are cut and you will feel as if you are walking this journey alongside Willet and his rag tag group. The truth of this story actively seeps off the pages and absorbs directly into your very soul. You will walk away with a heavy yet thoughtful heart that has perhaps become more aware and more sensitive to those around us. We must learn that assumptions and judgments are terribly kept secrets that eat away at our hearts if we let them. Instead, view your friends and neighbors as if they are an extension of your own heart. Offer love and grace before offering anything else.

With his second epic level series, Patrick W. Carr is without a doubt a masterful creator and manipulator of the written and the unwritten word. He will make you think and feel even when that’s the last thing you want to do. His methods of persuasion are subtle yet powerful because above all else he knows that we all are ruled by our hearts to some degree. We can’t walk through our life without feeling even if we keep it quietly and tightly locked away. One thing we must never forget is that all wars are won or lost within the heart. What wars are you fighting and which side will be the ultimate victor?

Rated PG-13: There are some adult situations and some violence that will be unsettling and frightening to young children.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by Publisher. Thank you!


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