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Review: Thin Ice

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Review: Thin Ice

29 Feb Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Thin Ice
Review: Thin Ice

Thin Ice by Irene Hannonthinice
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mystery
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: December 29, 2015

There’s a reason Irene Hannon’s books are always at the top of my TBR pile! Every single time she has a new book out, I drop pretty much everything else and immerse myself in her story. Her newest novel, Thin Ice, was definitely gripping, kind of creepy, and a whole lot of chilling psychological games played by the warped mind of a stalker.

Former Olympian Christy Reed has been grieving the deaths of her parents for about 6 months. As she travels to visit her sister, Ginny, she arrives at her house in time to see flames engulf the upper floor where she knows her sister sleeps. Everything, from the car in the garage to the body pulled from the rubble, points to the fact that her sister died in the fire. Months after the fire, Christy receives a letter – addressed in her sister’s handwriting – that claims Ginny is alive and has been kidnapped. Threatened with dire consequences should she call the police, Christy secretly asks for help from the FBI. Special Agent Lance MacGregor, new to the St. Louis office, takes the case, pretending to be a new love interest of Christy’s just in case she’s being watched.

As Lance investigates, a second letter arrives. It is obvious from the letter that 1. Christy is being watched and 2. Even though a photo of Ginny is attached, Christy believes it has to be at least a couple months old. Does this mean Ginny is actually dead? Will the kidnapper’s next move be to take Christy? The more Lance and Christy work together to solve the case, the more their interest in one another grows. Will they both survive to pursue a relationship?

Irene Hannon earns her “Queen of Suspense” title with Thin Ice! There were pages I didn’t want to turn because the stalker was so creepy. And yet, I could NOT turn them because I had to know if Christy could make it out of this jam alive. I definitely recommend this to any romantic suspense fan. I also appreciated the strong faith element here. Christy has a very strong faith and, in the end, manages to sway Lance back to his faith roots. This was a five-star book all the way!

Rating PG-13: The heroine’s entire family is picked off, one by one, by a psychotic killer who has been stalking her. I’d think twice before letting a young child read this.

Reviewer’s copy was purchased personally.


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