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Review: Tiffany Girl

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Review: Tiffany Girl

08 May Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Tiffany Girl
Review: Tiffany Girl

Tiffany Girl by Deenanne Gist
Reviewed by: Jill Hart
Genre: Historical
Publisher: Howard Books
Publication Date: May 5, 2015

tiffanygirlFlossie Jayne is tired of sewing. She’s good at it, but she hates it. And her father expects her and her mother to turn over any profit to him.  And he has the nerve to use the money on himself and his wild spending habits. Flossie has had enough.

Flossie sets out to become a New Woman, one who handles her own affairs. She lands a job as a Tiffany Girl, taking a position at the Tiffany company when the men who were employed there go on strike.  This allows her to move out from her parents house (despite being unwed!) and into a room at boardinghouse.  When Flossie meets her neighbors, she knows she’s found a great place to live. However, Reeve Wilder might just give her a run for her money.

This is a charming book.  Typical of Gist, it’s a fun, romantic story that also manages to touch on some pretty heavy subjects such as working women and women’s rights. It was interesting to read what people thought of women who dared to get a job (GASP) or live on their own (GASP).  What a change from today’s society!

It was also interesting to see how the working women were treated when out in society. It made me angry on behalf of the women and several times I wanted to jump into the story and smack a secondary character or two.

The writing is classic Gist, so well-written that it draws you in from the very beginning.  I fell in love with the characters and couldn’t wait to see how it would all turn out. It’s a lengthy novel – 544 pages – but so worth it. I loved the storyline and the history behind it all.  Another Gist novel that I put down only to now be tapping my fingers waiting for the next one.

Rating: PG-13.  
A sweet story with lots of history and little romance thrown in. 🙂


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