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Review: Tomorrow’s First Light

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Review: Tomorrow’s First Light

12 Mar Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Tomorrow’s First Light
Review: Tomorrow’s First Light

Tomorrow’s First Light by Naomi Rawlings
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Historical Romance
Publisher: Cedar Lake Press
Publication Date: February 25, 2019

What a great start for Naomi Rawlings’ newest series! For those who have read her Eagle Harbor series, Tomorrow’s First Light focuses on Ellie Spritzer, oldest sister of the unruly Spritzer clan.

When a family secret comes to light, Ellie chooses to pack up all eight of her siblings and head as far from Michigan’s upper peninsula as she can get. She’s been writing with Sam Owens through a mail-order bride service, and he’s asked her to marry him. He knows she’s bringing three of her siblings with her. It’s supposed to be her two oldest brothers, who can help Sam on his ranch, and their baby sister, but when her aunt hears of the scandal touching the family, she backs out of taking the other five. Ellie can’t put them in an orphanage. She’s been caring for them most of her life, so she packs them all up, sending Sam a letter to let him know.

Sam can’t believe his eyes when he goes to pick his new bride up from the stage. He knew she was bringing three siblings, but it looks like she fooled him and brought them all. Is that any way to start a marriage? Growing up in an orphanage, mistreated by the “house parents”, Sam’s greatest longing has always been for a home and family of his own, but eight children at once? How can he trust Ellie again when she lied to him about something this big? Plus, he has enough money saved to get five people through until he sells his cattle. How in the world is he going to feed double that?

When Ellie realizes that Sam never got her letter, she is horrified, and offers to take the children and go elsewhere. Sam refuses her offer – he still needs a wife and he still wants a family. Soon though, Sam has other worries that take precedence over the complications Ellie has brought with her. Someone is laying claim to his land, and he must get to the bottom of it. He has a family to support. How can he do that if he doesn’t have his ranch?

I’ll admit, I am a huge fan of Naomi Rawlings. Her stories made me want to visit tiny Eagle Harbor just to see the wild majesty of Lake Superior. (I didn’t make it QUITE there, but Munising, MI gave me a pretty good feel for life in the Upper Peninsula.) Now, she’s moved the Spritzer clan – and I do mean clan – to Texas, with all the problems, and all the joys, that a family of nine children can have. Some of the scenes are pretty funny. Being a farm girl myself, I laughed at the scene where they were making steers out of the bull calves, but I can see where someone who had never been around cattle would be appalled. I also loved how she had Sam and Ellie get to know each other gradually, before bringing them together as husband and wife.

If you love sweet historical fiction, with some suspense, and a whole lot of romance, you will enjoy Tomorrow’s First Light. Sam and Ellie’s story is so sweetly told, and there are foretastes of the books to come in the series. I definitely recommend this book!

I received this book from the author, but all opinions expressed in my review are mine.

Rated G: I didn’t see any issues hee.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the publisher. Thank you!


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