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Review: Trapped

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Review: Trapped

10 Sep Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Trapped
Review: Trapped

Trapped by Irene Hannon trapped
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group
Publication Date:  September 1, 2013

When Laura Griffith took guardianship of her 16-year-old sister, she had no idea how hard it would be. Darcy grew up in New York City with parents who basically let her do whatever she wanted. While Laura grew up with the same mother, her mother’s wilder spirit made Laura crave stability. The inevitable clash between steady Laura and free-spirited Darcy made Darcy feel the need to join the ranks of the teenage runaways. Leaving a note for Laura and taking a few of her things, Darcy heads off into her bright future. Unfortunately, even though she had a plan and a place to run to, a blizzard shuts down all traffic out of the city, which puts her squarely in the sights of Mark Hamilton.

Laura hires the firm Phoenix, Inc. to find her sister and gets former ATF agent James “Dev” Devlin. Dev’s track record in finding people who are lost is excellent, so she has high hopes for finding her sister. What’s not really on their radar is the mutual attraction that springs up every time they get together. Since Phoenix has a company policy of “no fraternization with the clients” both Dev and Laura have extra incentive to find Darcy quickly. The bad news is the closer they get, the more danger both they and Darcy are in!

Darcy is street smart enough to know she can’t trust anyone, but she makes friends with Star, a young street musician who has been living on the streets for a couple of years. When Mark approaches Darcy, offering a place to stay that’s away from the shelter, she and Star discuss it at length and are lulled into feeling safe because Mark is a daycare director. He had to have passed a background check for both his position at the daycare and to work in the shelter. When Star disappears after the first night, he explains it away and convinces Darcy to stay, even though her friend is gone. The first cracks in his story start to show when she finds Star’s guitar case in the basement. What else does that basement hold?

Irene Hannon earns her “queen of romantic suspense” title with “Trapped.” I know I had several heart-pounding-in-terror moments while reading this one! Once I started reading, it was hard to find a stopping point to put the book down. I liked how the romance took a backseat to the suspense. You knew it was there but it didn’t take away from the fear the characters felt for Darcy who was “missing” for most of the book.

This book is book 2 in the Private Justice series but stands alone on its own merit. Book 1, “Vanished” is equally good, but you don’t need to read it to appreciate “Trapped.” If you love romantic suspense, this one is a MUST! Book 3, “Deceived”, is on its way. I, for one, can’t wait!

Rated PG-13: There are some truly scary scenes in this one! Also, some violence that is not appropriate for young readers.

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