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Review: Two Steps Forward

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Review: Two Steps Forward

29 Jun Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Two Steps Forward
Review: Two Steps Forward

Two Steps Forward by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: Feb 2020

I LOVED this series! There is so much humor, especially in the Luke Schrock character, and the Hank Lapp character.

Jimmy Fisher is back in Stoney Ridge, but not by his choice. He went to Colorado to work on a horse ranch but when the ranch went belly-up, he was left with nothing, not even the salary he had earned. Arriving in town, he is fascinated by Sylvie Schrock King’s buggy horse. He doesn’t know any other Amish who have an Arabian stallion pulling their buggies.

Sylvie sees his interest, and immediately offers the “homeless man” a job, not knowing that he is her neighbor’s son. As he works to clean up the mess her husband left behind, she begins to see a side of Jimmy that most don’t even know exists. Unfortunately, by hiring him, she has unknowingly antagonized the already prickly Edith Fisher Lapp, Jimmy’s mother. The woman has been a thorn in Sylvie’s side ever since she married Jake King. Can Sylvie ever find the peace in her home she was looking for when she came to Stoney Ridge, or will she forever be fighting for her place in the world?

I enjoyed this trip back to Stoney Ridge. Luke Schrock has really stepped up into his role as church deacon, and his marriage to Izzy has blossomed. Their hearts for unwanted babies, and the solution they propose, show that they aren’t afraid to go against long-held traditions. Sylvie is Luke’s cousin, and came to Stoney Ridge as an unmarried mother. No one is more surprised than Jake King when Sylvie begins courting him. She fell for his farm first, looking for stability and a home. When he dies, one short year after their marriage, her neighbor steps up the campaign to get her to leave. Can Sylvie hold out against Edith Lapp’s verbal slings and arrows?

The ending of this book was perfect, just perfect. Bishop David Stoltzfus’s wisdom shines. If you have read Suzanne Woods Fisher’s Bishop’s Family series, or this Deacon’s Family series, or even The Inn at Eagle Hill series, you won’t want to miss Two Steps Forward! If you love Amish fiction with wit and humor, this entire series is for you. I highly recommend!


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