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Review: With You Here

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Review: With You Here

06 Apr Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: With You Here
Review: With You Here

With You Here by Sarah Monzon
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Radiant Publications
Publication Date: Sept 2019

I started reading Sarah Monzon’s Carrington Family series late in the game with Freedom’s Kiss. Her dual-time stories give readers just a taste of what believers went through before Freedom of Religion became the law of at least our land. With You Here was especially poignant for me, since I grew up Anabaptist as a Mennonite, and I learned pretty young the trials that my forbears had endured for their faith. (If you ever want to learn more, there is a movie called, “The Radicals”, that pretty gruesomely details some of the tortures they endured.)

Amber Carrington is having a crisis of belief. As a woman in seminary, she is being bombarded by people telling her she doesn’t belong BECAUSE she is a woman. She travels to Germany to serve with Syrian refugees, and to see if helping them can help her hear God’s voice again. While there, she meets another volunteer, Seth Marshall. Seth is a brand new Christian trying to live down the reputation he built for himself before he accepted Christ. A British soccer star, Seth lives his life on the world stage. Can the attraction they immediately feel for each other be God’s gift to them, or is it something else trying to tempt them away with something they really want?

Amber and Seth are great characters in this story. Amber’s crisis of belief is so genuine, and so heartfelt, that I grieved with her at her seeming loss of closeness with God. Seth is also determined to show the world that he has changed, to the point where his teammates now call him “Monk Marshall” because he won’t date the groupies, or party with the team. Instead of traveling to Las Vegas with the team when they go on break, he takes that time to go on a mission trip where he can do good. He was a great hero for Amber.

The dual time story was fraught with danger. The “heretic hunters” were a very real thing, and they always seemed more blood-thirsty to me, than someone who was killing for piety’s sake. This definitely holds for the Duke, although, with him it also has an element of his being scorned by the princess when he offered for her hand.

If you love historical fiction, pick up With You Here. If you love contemporary romance, also pick up With You Here. I don’t think either reader will be disappointed!


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