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Subscription Box Review: Once Upon A Book Club

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Subscription Box Review: Once Upon A Book Club

03 Jul Posted by in Articles | Comments Off on Subscription Box Review: Once Upon A Book Club
Subscription Box Review: Once Upon A Book Club

by Lori Twichell and Jill Hart

When Jill and I decided to move forward with this bookish subscription adventure, we were really excited. We’d done a lot of research and we knew a few boxes that we were really eager to get into. Thankfully, our first choice of box answered us right away and were willing to send us not one, but TWO boxes to check out. So Jill and I both got subscription boxes from Once Upon A Book Club!

Now the interesting thing about this subscription box is that it’s interactive. You don’t just get a book and bookish type swag. You get book related swag. What’s that mean? Well, as you’re reading, when you get to specific pages, you have presents to open. Yeah. They’re wrapped and decorated too. IT IS SO COOL. Each one is marked with the individual pages on it so you know where to open when you’re reading. And in case you might forget, there are sticky notes inside each book that tell you to go open a gift now. Seriously – this is the most amazing subscription box I’ve ever had.

Here are some pictures of the box I received.




As you can see, there’s quite a bit in the box – and each envelope or box is not only wrapped adorably, but it’s marked with the corresponding page number for you to open. And guys, MY BOX WAS SO COOL!!!!!! 

Seriously – I got a bracelet and a necklace and a WATCH. A real watch that was engraved just like the character’s watch. Check out the pictures below.


The book that I received to review in my box was called Love and Gravity by Samantha Sotto.  You can check out my review of the book here.  (Note: These are not faith based or Christian books.)  In short, I LOVED THIS BOX! If you are going to look at book themed subscription boxes, Once Upon a Book Club is DEFINTELY the box for you.

Jill also received a box  jam packed with stuff. Here’s her review of her Once Upon a Book Club box:

I have been seeing “book boxes” grow in popularity over the last year or two. It seems every other day I have friends on Instagram sharing their bookish treasures from one of the many book boxes out there.

So, last month I decided that this was something Lori Twichell and I definitely needed to check out for Radiant Lit and Fiction Addict.  I chose to start with the Once Upon a Book Club YA Box. There were a ton of reasons behind that decision.

First of all, HOW CUTE ARE THESE BOXES? They look like books!

This is pretty much a book lover’s dream and I have tons of ideas on how I can reuse these books for storage and other Pinterest-worthy things (even if most of my Pinterest creations are fails….).

Secondly, they hand-pick gifts to go along with the story. Yes, you read that right. The package comes with a book (of course) and a set of gifts that you open as you read!

So, you’ll be reading along and then on a specific page you’ll find a sticky-note placed on the page to tell you to open the corresponding gift. They basically BRING THE BOOK TO LIFE.

I don’t want to spoil the fun and tell you all the fun things that this box contained because I’m pretty sure you can visit their site and purchase any remaining boxes from May that they have available (and other past months boxes as well).

I thought they did an excellent job choosing the book for this box. It was one I had never heard of (which is honestly a pretty amazing feat in and of itself), called Between Two Skies. The book was about families displaced by Hurricane Katrina and how it affects the lives of the main characters and those around her. It was a heart-wrenching book at times, but also filled with hope, resiliency, and love. I fell in love with the characters and the story itself. It was beautifully written and drew me in right away.

This was a book that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked for myself, but I truly enjoyed reading something different than normal. This book stretched my reading sensibilities in new ways and really caused me to stop and think about the preciousness of life, and how we can make a home anywhere as long as we are with those we love.

I had such a great experience with this box – it was simply SO MUCH FUN. The gifts made the anticipation of reading that much more exciting and they really brought the story to life.  I cannot say enough good things about this box!

* Note: I received this box in exchange for my honest review. (BUT, I liked it so much I ordered the next box for myself!) *


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