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Talk of the Town

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Talk of the Town

29 May Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Talk of the Town

Mandalay Florentino isn’t your average Hollywood producer. She’s far more delicate than she would like and is often intimated by her new boss, an imposing Swedish woman with a penchant for ruining people’s lives. In Lisa Wingate’s charming Talk of the Town, Mandalay finds herself in tiny Daily, Texas, trying to put together a segment for the singing show sensation American Superstars.

Amber Anderson is the fresh off the farm singer who grew up in Daily. She’s young, idealistic, a tad bit on the naive side and reminiscent of Carrie Underwood. Amber has also been linked up with one of the most notorious womanizers in Hollywood and its Mandalay’s job to keep her out of his clutches. Mandalay’s job is on the line as she tries to keep the segment secret in a town that seems to know more about American Superstars and Amber than she could ever hope to. Throw in a defunct hotel, an older woman who is making life changing personal discoveries and a gorgeous mysterious stranger who sticks out in his Hawaiian shirts and Jeep, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer’s read.

Be sure to stick this book in your beach bag. It’s light, laugh-out-loud funny in passages and just the right size for a lazy afternoon by the pool. You’ll find yourself ready for the next book in the series.

Reviewed by: Caitlin Muir


One comment

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